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Allow me to shoulder the load when it comes to wondering what you should eat on your fertility journey. Here are 51 pages of knowledge and recipes that are specifically chosen to balance hormones and to improve egg and sperm health. And you don’t need to be a scientist or a masterchef either!!

Allow me to take away the overwhelm that often sabotages us whilst we’re navigating the minefield of information that is out there! Here are 48 pages of knowledge and recipes that are specifically chosen to help balance hormones (the book explains how and why this is) and alleviate the myriad of menopausal symptoms many of us struggle with. And you don’t need to be a masterchef either!!

Don’t just survive……….THRIVE

with these effective yet easy to use self-care kits.

A collection of self-care treatments which will enhance your skills, knowledge and health. You will be able to literally TREAT yourself with these simple but effective “Ac-You-Pressure” kits and Nutritional Supplements 

Empower ≈ Balance ≈ Thrive


A growing collection of acupressure home treatment kits.

The AC-YOU-PRESSURE KITS are great both for “topping up” between acupuncture appointments or for your own self-maintenance routine. Each kit includes all you need for a home acupressure treatment, specific to your individual requirements. Small acupressure magnets are applied to specific acupressure points to tap into our natural healing mechanisms. In Chinese Medicine, the fundamental cause of illness and pain is due to a lack of smooth flow of Qi (pronounced chee) along and around specific channels or meridians. Acupressure uses gentle pressure to restore the flow of Qi and correct functional imbalances. This won’t happen overnight, in the same way as your symptoms didn’t appear overnight! Be patient with yourself.  

Second Spring – to support  perimenopause or menopause symptoms

Flow & Flourish – to support a healthy,regular and balanced cycle                    

Tranquility – to alleviate feelings of stress and restore calm


You can enhance your self-care home treatment ritual by including some of these great dietary supplements from ​D’Ao Labs. These come in the form of effervescent powders that you can simply stir into water and then drink. They contain natural herbs/plants with no artificial flavours or GM ingredients.