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  • red pepper immunity

    How to Boost the Immune System with Proper Food

    Worrying Times! Is it possible to boost the immune system naturally? At the moment of writing, immunity is obviously a very topical issue. Everywhere we turn there is some more news about the coronavirus outbreak. We should take seriously all the advice about good hand hygiene, reducing social contact and making sure we take care …

  • moxa moxibustion

    Boost Your Immune System With Moxa

    Most of my clients will be familiar with the smoky odour of “moxa” when they walk into the treatment room. It’s a smell that I actually really like; it somehow tells us by it’s smell that it has healing properties. Moxibustion is the practice of heating specific acupuncture points on the body with a smouldering …

  • How Effective Is Acupuncture For Insomnia?

    When did you last get a good night’s sleep? If you’re like me, and struggle to remember, then you might find this post a useful read Is Insomnia a Problem? Most people have experienced occasional insomnia but for some, it is a nightly occurrence. This is a major issue as being unable to sleep on …

  • TMJ jaw pain

    Acupuncture for TMJ Pain

      Jaw pain and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain are both conditions that I see more frequently in clinic than I ever expected. Fortunately, acupuncture for TMJ pain is a very effective treatment helping to reduce the pain, inflammation and accompanying stress. Do I Have TMJ Disorder? TMJ disorder is just one cause of jaw pain, …

  • Bell's palsy affects the facial nerve causing paralysis

    Acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy Found to be Effective

    Acupuncture has been found to reverse facial paralysis caused by Bell’s palsy What is Bell’s Palsy? The name Bell’s palsy comes from the 19th century Scottish anatomist and surgeon, Sir Charles Bell, who discovered that severing the 7th cranial/facial nerve causes facial paralysis. In Bell’s palsy there is inflammation around the facial nerve and this …

  • Dampness in TCM: How Can a Person Be Damp?

    Dampness  is a term that an acupuncturist may use to describe your symptoms. But what does it mean and how can it be resolved? Dampness: what is it? Some conditions (Dampness being one) in Chinese medicine have somewhat metaphorical or even literal descriptions. Remember there were no blood tests, scans, X-rays, microscopes to help shed …

  • plantar fasciitis feet bones

    The Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Plantar Fasciitis

    Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel or arch pain affecting about 10% of people at some point in their life. What is the “plantar fascia?” The plantar fascia is sometimes described as a tendon but it is really a sheet of connective tissue (fascia,) more like a ligament than a tendon. It stretches …

  • secondary infertility

    Can Acupuncture Help Secondary Infertility?

    As well as seeing patients that are trying for their first baby (whether by helping their natural cycle or supporting them through IVF,) I also see quite a few that had no problems conceiving the first but are struggling to conceive the second baby. This is called secondary infertility and is often not expected. What …

  • acid-alkaline balance for menopause symptoms

    Menopause Diet – Can Food Help Your Symptoms?

    In this post I’ll discuss the concept of acid and alkaline forming foods, the effect they can have on the body and how this information can be used to create a “menopause diet.” What are acid and alkaline forming foods? Don’t worry, this isn’t about to become a chemistry lesson (well, maybe a short one!) …

  • menopause diet nutrition

    Acupuncture, Fertility and Nutrition

    This post will question whether there is such a thing as a fertility diet and examines how acupuncture, fertility and nutrition are intertwined elements and best results are achieved when they are considered as a whole. Acupuncture, Fertility & Nutrition Go Hand in Hand Nutrition for fertility is about replenishing and restoring nutritional balance. It …